Short on Budget?
Big on Vision?


Our typical client tries to provide exciting, engaging, educational employee communications on a less than optimal budget.


Our goal is to provide high-quality benefits education and communication tools at a cost that is accessible to all types and size companies.


Our flagship initiative is a library of video content branded for our clients starting at $250. Learn more

About Bang

The world didn’t really need another traditional communication consulting firm.

Benefits Bang! consultants, graphics designers, and PowerPoint experts have been working in the area of benefits communication and education for years (for most of us more than a decade). We had been working under the radar and relying on word of mouth for growth. We finally decided to create Benefits Bang! when we realized that we had some exciting new ways of doing employee communication and education in more cost-effective ways.

Our ever-expanding library of video clips on open enrollment and benefits allows employers to customize our existing video clips to meet their needs starting at $100. As we grow, our goal is to continue to find ways to provide great services in an innovative way.

Our sister company Dollar Compensation Statements, already provides a revolutionary compensation statement generator that creates high-quality total compensation statements for employers of all sizes for $1 to $2 per print-ready statement. Our mission is for Benefits Bang! to follow their lead.