Benefits Education

Most of our team of benefits communication specialists and graphics designers have been working in HR communication for ten years or more. We specialize in developing high-impact PowerPoint presentations, animated video clips, and print communication that can be viewed on multiple platforms.

    We will help you convey:
  • The benefits of Consumer Driven Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts
  • The importance of taking an active role in managing one’s health
  • The tools and resources available to help employees efficiently use their benefits

  • Our online benefits publications include easy navigation to make it easy for employees to find the information they need and our 2 minute video clips on HSAs and other important benefits topics help you to reach the more visual learner.

    Benefits Video Libary

    Our video libary offers a low-cost alternative for employers and benefits brokers who want to provide relevant information in a clear and engaging format. Videos are provided as a link that can be embedded on your intranet and viewed by employees on a desktop or mobile device.


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    Translation Services

    We also provide translation services to help you reach your non-English speaking employees. We have a network of worldwide professional linguists with experience translating HR and benefits material to make sure each word says what you want it to say in a way your target audience will understand.


    FACT: Most benefits information lacks Bang!


    FACT: Most people would prefer to go to the dentist than learn about their benefits (okay – this might not be a scientifically confirmed fact)

    Benefits Bang! can help you to deliver benefits information in an informative, engaging way.

    Benefits Education - Health Savings Accounts Sample Video